Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Have You Done The Before/After Test With Your Makeup? I Did!

When you decided to purchase the makeup you use, did you look at before and after photos prior to purchasing?  Probably not, unless you purchased your make-up from an infomercial.  Even with an infomercial, you may not have noticed how biased those before and afters are.

I watch a lot of infomercials and every time I see one that involves human skin products, whether it be the face or another part of the body, it's always the same thing.  The before picture has bad lighting, the individual has almost no expression, and the hair is typically plain looking.  The after picture is generally much brighter, the individual is smiling widely and the hair looks a lot better.

So have you ever done your own Before and After, without the benefit of a studio with great lighting, probably in your bathroom where the lighting never changes?  I have and this is my gift to you!  A real life testimonial of the awesomeness of the Youngevity Mineral Makeup line. 

 The lighting is exactly the same.  Yes, those are my blemishes for all the world to see (I'm not perfect).  I'm sorry, I really tried not to smile and my hair kind of creeped over my shoulders.  I promise, I didn't do that on purpose!

The reality is that everyone looks good with makeup on right?  The difference is that mineral make-up does not need to be caked on.  Without it being caked on, I got great coverage that doesn't feel heavy, doesn't clog my pores, doesn't irritate my skin, and looks natural, almost like I'm not wearing anything at all!  Did I mention that these photos were taken with a web cam, in the poor lighting of my office in my home?  I was up last night making videos for the soon to come YouTube Channel and I fell asleep in full make-up.  When I got up at 7am to get ready for an 8am dentist appointment, my face was still looking beautiful and fresh.  I could have walked out the door without touching a thing.Yeah, it's that good!

As a tomboy, who grew up with skin problems and not caring much for makeup (except for special occasions), I started to gain an appreciation for make-up, but also searched for way to clear up my skin.  I migrated from Black Opal (a few years of occasional pressed powder foundation) to Bare Essentuals (5+ years, almost every day) to Youngevity (a little over a year ago).  I was never unhappy with bare Essentuals and was quite resistant to switching.  However, I sat down and compared the two brands and one thing made up my mind after doing some follow-up research.  Youngevity Mineral Makeup contains no bismuth!  While I have no sensitivity to bismuth, I did notice that bare Essentuals required a bit more buffing to apply.  The extra buffing itself can also be an irritant.  So with that knowledge in hand, I made the switch and have been in love ever since.

We are not all blessed to work in the flattering lighting of a TV studio, so if you haven't already, do your Before/After Test.  You may be surprised as to what you discover.  After your test, think about how your make-up feels on your skin just after applying and after a day's work.  If you don't feel like you're wearing nothing at all, it might be time to make a switch.  I'm just saying...!

Youngevity Mineral Makeup Products used  for my After photo:

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