Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mineral Makeup by Youngevity

You know, we do also carry a fantastic line of 100% mineral makeup.  It may have gotten lost in the site so we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Mineral Makeup by Youngevity.
This is a full line of mineral makeup foundation, blush, bronzer, complexion enhancers, concealer, eye shadows, mascara, lip gloss, lipsticks, liplock, eye liner, lip liner, and brushes!  You see, no stone has been left unturned so you can one-stop shop for all of your makeup needs in this line.  We are also offering great mineral makeup kits to get you started!

We know what you're thinking... "Makeup is so hard to buy site unseen.  How would I know that I'm getting the right foundation shade?"  We even have sample towers!  This way you don't have to commit to shades you are unsure about.

It's not going to hurt, stop by and give the mineral makeup a good look.
  • No Harsh Chemicals, Artificial Dyes, or Preservatives
  • No Added Fragrance
  • No Irritants such as Talc or Bismuth
  • No Animal Testing or Animal By-Products
  • Non-Comedogenic (it won’t clog your pores!)

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