Thursday, September 3, 2009

Floating Shelves and Votive Candleholders Over The Mounted TV

So in my last post I talked about filling the gap between my mounted TV and the TV stand, but what about the space between the TV and the ceiling? I hated that that blank space was there and wanted to fill it with something. I could have easily placed a plaque up there but I didn't find anything I liked the day I went shopping. Besides, I was shopping at my second home, Lowes!

I found this nice wall mounted shelf and knew that I wanted to put pictures on it. The frames were silver so they fit into my color scheme quit well. I don't have that many framed pictures so I needed something to go between them. I found this Zen Candle Holder and it was just the right balance of black and red.

The candle holder cost me $19.95 and the shelf cost about $25. If you notice, the shelf seems to float above the TV. This is what you would call a hidden bracket shelf.

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