Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mosaic Glass Candle Sconces & Gold Wall Art Over The Headboard

I wanted to do something different for my bedroom so I went for a dirty mint green color on the walls. I already had the furniture when I moved so I wanted to compliment it so i went for thee gold undertones.

These taper candle sconces have since been discontinued, but I really stepped into a goldmine when I found them. I believe they only cost $19.95. The fruit wall art was from what you will all learn to be one of my favorite places to shop, Bed Bath and Beyond. These amber mosaic glass sconces were just perfect next to the art. They are heavy too. It's a good thing that it is all secured to the wall, because it might fall off and hit me in the head while I sleep!

What do you think, pretty huh?


  1. Hi I would like to order a pair of these mosaic wall candle sconce please how do I order them

  2. Please respond I'm Mrs Wendy Hill from England


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